Arguchintseva Alla V.


Head of the Hydrology and Environmental Management Chair

Dr. of Technical Science, Professor

She has been working at the Irkutsk State University since 1987, first on a part-time job basis, and since 1994, having been elected to the Associate Professor position at the Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Protection (then the chair is renamed - the Chair of Hydrology and Environmental Management), passes from the Limnological Institute SB RAS to the University staff.

Since 1997, she was elected to the position of the head of the Hydrology and Water Resources Protection Chair, 2000-2017 -  Dean of the Geographical Faculty at the Irkutsk State University.

Teach courses

  • Mathematical modeling in tasks of environmental protection.
  • The theory of random processes in ecology and environmental management.
  • Fluid and gas mechanics.

Scientific interests

Research interests are focused on modeling (diagnosis and prognosis) of the anthropogenic pollutants distribution, that enter the atmosphere, hydrosphere and on the underlying surface by the emission from sources of the industrial enterprises and transport, and also by dusting of the heat power stations dumps and of the mining enterprises quarries.

She has over 200 publications, including monographs and textbooks.

Supervisor of several grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research: Universities of Russia; international project “Simulating land-use processes – an interactive e-tool for SIA”; educational components of the Program "Development of scientific potential of higher education (2006-2010)" within the framework of the project "Research and Educational Center"; the Government contract under the Federal target program "Scientific and Academic staff of innovative Russia for 2009-2011"; the three topics of the Program "Strategic development of the Irkutsk State University".

Main publications

  • Modeling and management of regional development processes (Monograph, Pub.: Moscow. Fizmatlit, 2001. Co-authors: V. K. Arguchintsev, V. A. Baturin, I. A. Basalaev etc.), (in Russian).
  • Models and methods for solving problems of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and underlying surface protection (Monograph, Pub.: Irkutsk, Irkutsk State Universiyu, 2001. Co-author Arguchintsev V. K.), (in Russian).
  • Mesoscale simulation of hydrothermodynamic processes and transfer of anthropogenic pollutants in the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the Baikal region (Monograph, Pub.: Irkutsk, Irkutsk State University, 2007. Co-author Arguchintsev V. K.), (in Russian).


  • Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for many years of scientific and pedagogical, educational-methodical and production activities (2002).
  • Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of the Russian Federation from the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (2003).
  • Jubilee medal "In memory of 350th anniversary of Irkutsk" (2013).


  • International European Association for Environmental Pollution (European Association for the Science of Air Pollution), since 1999
  • The Scientific Coordination Council on the problem of erosive, channel and mouth processes at Moscow State University, since 2000.
  • Presidium of the Scientific and Methodological Council for geographical education of Russian Universities, since 2000.

Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal "The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University". Series "Earth Sciences", included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, where must be published the main scientific results of theses for obtaining the scientific degree of Candidate of Science, for the degree of Doctor of Science.


Tel: (3952) 52-10-88