The English Language

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The English Language

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Litvintsev V.L.

Tuition language


Programme involvement

Compulsory MSc Environmental Management and Audit

Teaching form,

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class size

Practical (32 h)



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ECTS credit points


Preconditions prescribed

A+ - A2 / A2+ - B1 levels of English proficiency according to the Common European Framework.

Learning outcomes

The course is communication and profession oriented. It identifies communicative and cognitive needs of the student involved in the educational process in the field of ecology and nature management. Language materials are considered to be communication means. Materials are selected according to functional communicative approach. The course is aimed at expansion of the students’ outlook, increasing of their cultural and educational level and the level of thinking culture, communication and speech. It also provides the help in establishing of intercultural and scientific relations and the help in representation of the native country on international conferences and workshops.


Increasing of the study independance level and the self-study ability; development of cognitive and research skills; information culture development; expansion of the students‘ outlook and increasing of the students‘ general cultural knowledge; development of tolerant attitude and respect of spiritual values of various countries and nations.


Test (100%)

Teaching media

Powerpoint – presentations, handouts.


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Sokolova L.A., Kalevich N.A., Trofimova E.P. Grammar Difficulties of the Translation from English into Russian / L.A. Sokolova. – M.: Higher School, 2009. – 402 p.

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