About the Program

Within the Master Degree Program in "Ecology and Environmental Management", specialization "Environmental Management" students get/receive a Double Diploma (Diploma of ISU and Diploma of CAU).

Enrollment for full free MS scholarship study is limited to 5 students per year, for fee paid education – unlimited.

Specialists and Bachelor students (if specialization or area of study is in accordance with MS) are enrolled on a full scholarship Master course competitively through/via average Diploma score. In case of education divergence (e.g. specialist in Geography wants to study Master program in Ecology and Environmental Management) an applicant has to be tested the respective program and according to a result included to a general competition. Test question for Master course admission can be found on the ISU website: www.isu.ru (section Prospective student).

Double Degree improves graduates status, their profession credibility. Using foreign partner's experience (CAU) ISU prepares specialists of interdisciplinary profile who can execute various scientific and research activities. For example:

  1. Study of Physical and Chemical Processes of Structure and Properties Formation of Natural Water in the Baikal Region.
  2. Study of Structure and Evolution of Watershed Basin Ecosystems in the Baikal Region.
  3. Mesoscale Models of Hydrothermodynamic Processes and Transport of Anthropogenic Pollutants in the Atmosphere and the Hydrosphere.

Master students will perform research on the given topics; elaborate methodology of studying physical and chemical processes of chemical structure and properties formation of natural waters; apply complex approaches to study quality of water resources and atmospheric air, state of landscape and learn to create database.
Special attention will be drawn to application of mathematical methods and modelling in environment protection, a traditionally main aspect in training specialist of the area.

Besides, training involves interdisciplinary integration of researches focused on a single complex natural object – lake Baikal and interaction with Institutes of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk Federal Department for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of Environment, Department for Environment Protection and Ecological Security of the Committee for Housing and Community Services etc.

Thus, a model of complex study of natural objects is performed through various areas of research in Geoecology, Geology, Geography, Ecology, Biology, Hydrometeorology etc.

Information on Double Degree Program (from the German side) can be found on: http://www.sustainability.uni-kiel.de/taught-masters/environmental-management-double-degree/.