Industrial Transport Ecology

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Industrial Transport Ecology

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Term 3




A. V. Akhtimankina

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Elective Course

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Practical Classes(40h)



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80 h

40 h

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Preconditions prescribed

Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, foundations of environmental protection.

Prerequisites recommended


Learning outcomes

Students know the main contaminants, typical for various types of industry and transport.

Deeper understanding of the processes of the environmental influence of industry and transport.

Students are able to estimate environmental impact of industry and transport numerically and to use the methods of the reduction of influence by using engineering environmental protection technology.


Characteristics of industrial enterprises (such as chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, building and others) and transport (motor, air, railway, water, pipeline). Their role in environmental pollution.

Categorization of contaminants: mechanical, chemical, biological, physical, its characteristics and toxicity.

Technogenic pollution of objects of biosphere and global concequences, such as acid rain, greenhouse effect and others.

The main definitions and structure of standertization of the air, water and soil quality.

Methods, processes, devices of purification of atmosphere, methods of waste water purification, recycling of wastes and other mathods of ecologization of industry and transport.

Fulfillment of laboratory tests dealing with the calculation of standards of allowable emission of contaminants in atmosphere, calculation emission of contaminants from motor transport, calculation of maximum allowable discharge of substances into water body.

Students participate in field trips on land that subjected to influence of industrial enterprises.


Test (100%)

Teaching media

Powerpoint – presentations, handouts.


Will be given at the beginning of the course


A.V. Akhtimankina

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