Modeling of Environmental Contaminants Transfer and Diffusion Processes

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Modeling of Environmental Contaminants Transfer and Diffusion Processes

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Term 2


Prof. Arguchntseva A.V.


Prof. Arguchntseva A.V.

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Compulsory MSc Environmental Management and Audit

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Lectures: 18 h, seminars: 18 h



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Preconditions prescribed

Bases of the theory of random processes, differential equations, mechanics of liquid and gas.

Learning outcomes

Ability to analyze available empirical material; to record one- and multi-dimensional statistical links between environmental components in the form of regression equations; to compile the elementary models on the base of differential equations that describe environmental contaminants transfer and diffusion; to know methods of obtaining of analytical and numerical results of equations solving.


Stochastic methods of empirical data processing resulting in theoretical equations of regression correlations between target components. Estimation of coefficient value of regression equations.

Differential equations of contaminants transfer and diffusion with setting of initial and boundary conditions. Equation closure. Valid simplification of equations for the purpose of getting analytical results. Numerical methods of approximate solving of elementary differential equations used to describe contaminants transfer and diffusion. Solving of specific problems of anthropogenic contaminants diffusion and pollution of atmosphere, hydrosphere and underlying surface. Analyzing of the obtained results and making schemes of dangerous anthropogenic pollution.


Test (100%)

Teaching media

Powerpoint – presentations, handouts.


Arguchntsev V.K., Arguchintseva A.V. Modeling of Mesoscale Hydrodynamic Processes and Transfer of Anthropogenic Impurities in Atmosphere and Hydrosphere of the Baikal Region. – Irkutsk: ISU, 2007. – 255 p. (Russia).

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J. Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics (English and Russia).

J. Atmos. Sci. (English).

J. Air Pollut. Contr. Assoc. (English).

J. Geography and Natural Resources (English and Russia).


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